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Ki Display

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Want to know how many calories you’ve burned or how many steps you’ve taken without plugging into a computer? Then the OPTIONAL Ki Display is for you.

Includes the Ki Display and the Display Clip.

The Ki Display “talks” to your armband every minute, so you always have accurate information about your activity. In effect, the display will help you manage your lifestyle, minute to minute, day to day!

With a convenient, versatile design that allows it to be worn as a watch (strap not included) or clipped to a shirt, bag or belt loop, the display can help you stay in sync with your daily goals!

Includes modes that allow you to view the time, armband data from today and yesterday, and a trip-o-meter. 

The display will only work when synced with an armband. It is not a substitute for the armband. No data will be displayed if you are not wearing an armband.

Included in the box:

  • Ki Display 
  • Clip 
  • User guide

For more information, check out Ki Display specification


  • View minute-to-minute updates on how many calories you’re burning or how many steps you’re taking 
  • Includes different modes that allow you to view your results for today and yesterday, plus a trip-o-meter so you can measure your activity from a given start point
  • Receive alerts when you’ve reached your daily goals