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Ki BodySmart Weight Loss

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Unlock your weight loss secrets with BodySmart, a diet as unique as you

Everyone has a weight loss code and now you can discover yours.  Ki's algorithms use your data to calculate your individual formula for success.  Your everyday behaviour will change the numbers and your calorie target each day.  Follow your daily target and with your personal scientist learn how to achieve sustained weight loss.

BodySmart is a diet that fits with the demands of your lifestyle; no banned foods; no meetings; no pain.  It's time for an intelligent approach to weight loss and time to focus on you.

Recapture your confidence and change your life by discovering your weight loss formula.


What is it?

A scientifically proven diet plan tailored precisely to your individual weight loss goal:

  • Dynamic - adjusts daily to meet the demands of your lifestyle
  • No foods are banned - you decide what's included in your plan
  • Keeps you on track, even if you over-indulge

During BodySmart your Ki Scientist will give you a unique insight into the impact your lifestyle is having on your weight loss, help you decide what you need to change, and how to make the small, simple changes that will have the biggest impact on your weight loss and become part of your lifestyle for good.

BodySmart begins with an ‘honesty week’ where you collect data during your ‘normal’ lifestyle, which will be the kickstart for your six week BodySmart programme. Your ‘honesty week’ enables your Ki Scientist to understand your current lifestyle and tailor your programme to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

BodySmart will educate you about your body and motivate you to make the right lifestyle choices. It will unlock your weight loss secrets by showing you just how unique your body is and give you control forever.

What do I get?

You will get the following:

  • A daily calorie target that is calculated by Ki's unique algorithms from your data and changes with your lifestyle choices.
    • Daily calorie and nutrient targets
    • Recommends how to spread your calories across your meals, snacks and drinks each day
    • Sent to you the night before, so you can plan your next day
    • Our unique calculator incorporates the latest science to optimise your weekly weight loss and continually adapts to your behaviour, day by day, good and bad!
    • No foods are banned – you can decide how to meet your intake targets each day. Continue to eat the food you love.
  • Weekly telephone consultations and support from your personal Ki Scientist who understands your data and provides expert advice to help you optimise your success.
  • Themed factsheets, tips, recipes, and resources to motivate and inspire you each week.
  • 24/7 access to the Ki BodySmart Diet forum where you can ask questions and share your experiences and progress with others, including your Ki Scientists.

When can I start?

The dates for our next 3 BodySmart programmes are as follows:

Monday 25th August - Sunday 12th October 2014

Monday 27th October - Sunday 14th December 2014

Monday 3rd November - Sunday 21st December 2014


Book your BodySmart now for just £90 (£1.84 per day) and change your life for less than a cup of coffee.

*You will need a Ki Fit Monitor and an active subscription to the Ki Activity Manager for the duration of the programme. Don't have one? Buy one here.


What do our members say?

I started the Ki BodySmart diet weighing 84kg and six weeks later I had lost 4kg and was on my way to my target weight. However, I think that, more importantly, I gained a greater understanding of the importance of food as a fuel for what I wanted to do physically.
I now understand how to manage my weight and the impact of what I eat and how much I exercise.
Roy, March 2013

For me the Ki Fit Diet is personal and realistic. There is no one telling me I must stick to a strict regime. It is about learning what my body wants and needs. I don’t know everything, and I maybe never will, but I am working on listening to my body, rather than other people!
I hope in time I will regain the connection between my head and body and will no longer depend fully on the Ki Fit to tell me what is going on. However for now the Ki Fit is what I need and I love it. I imagine once my initial year sign up is finished I will continue to sign up on and off to keep on track.
It is fully up to you whether you do the homework. Last week I didn’t and lost focus. For me it makes sense to make time to sit down and read and think. I benefit both mentally and physically from the information the Ki Scientists provide.
Angela, March 2012

The Bodysmart programme provided me with a useful, objective, viewpoint on my dietary and lifestyle habits. It also provided me with a level of accountability re adherence to my own plan. To get the most out of the feedback it is best to make full use of the ki fit interface and to log foods as well as letting the armband do its work. The Ki scientists are informative and thorough in their analysis and I found their input encouraging. This was a useful process which will have impact long after the 6 weeks have finished and i would recommend it to anyone if they feel they're in a position to commit for 6 weeks.
Lesley, June 2012


Places are limited so sign up today!. Any questions? Give us a call on 01932 851440 or email us.