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Champneys Virtual Boot Camp with Ki

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With Champneys Luxury Boot Camps, we have created the 6-week Champneys Virtual Boot Camp with Ki. 

Whether or not you have already attended a Champneys Boot Camp, you can get the body you want and discover the secret to confidently controlling your weight forever.

What is a Virtual Boot Camp? 

No weekly meetings, no pills, no restrictive dieting, no need to starve yourself and no need to stop socialising. 

The 6-week weight loss programme will motivate you and educate you about your body.

Delivered by email, websites, and mobile applications, the Virtual Boot Camp fits around a busy lifestyle and will unlock your weight loss secrets by showing you just how unique your body is.

With regular bespoke advice, you will learn to make the right choices to reach your goals and give you control forever.

How does it work? 

The Champneys Virtual Boot Camp with Ki isn’t complicated. The facts are if you consistently burn more calories than you consume, over a period of time you will lose weight. 

Ki Monitor is a highly accurate medical device that measures your activity and calorie burn 24 hours a day. 

By inputting what you eat and drink into an iPhone or Android app or through the Ki Online Activity Manager, you are able to clearly see what you are consuming. 

This, coupled with regular advice from Ki Scientists mean that the question isn’t ‘Will it work?’ but ‘How much will I lose?’

On the Champneys Virtual Boot Camp with Ki you receive:

  • A welcome pack to get you started
  • Access to a range of Champneys recipes
  • Ki Monitor that accurately reads activity levels, steps taken, calories and sleep efficiency/patterns 24 hours a day
  • Weekly personalised reports and support from Champneys and the Ki Scientists who analyse your data to help guarantee success
  • Themed fact sheets, tips and resources to motivate and inspire you each week
  • 24/7 access to forums where you can ask questions and share your experiences and progress with others
  • Two months access to Ki Online Activity Manager

Here’s what some of our Virtual Boot Camp with Ki success stories have had to say about the experience:

The Champneys Virtual Boot Camp with Ki was fantastic and the Ki Scientists have been a great help both through email correspondence and the forum. I felt like they really wanted to help and even took the time to read my blog to help with my time on the diet and using the Ki” 

“They recognised that life sometimes gets away from you, but the best thing is to keep going and learn from it. When I felt disappointed, it didn’t last long. The feedback I got from the scientists helped me look at the positives and learn from negatives”

“I was able to be kinder to myself. It wasn’t all about what number was on the scale at the end of the week. It is about more than that. The data I get from my Ki Fit helps me realise that activity, sleep and consumption all play a part in how I feel. Also stress and other external influences play a part in my life and it is up to me to learn how to deal with things and find other coping mechanisms rather than turning to food”

To get started straight away, book now. Or for more information call 01932 851 440